Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Marah Finds Faith After Being Trafficked

Northern India At five years old, Marah was sold into sex trafficking by her family’s servant who was supposed to take her to school. She was sold to a brothel, and for ten years Marah experienced constant sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.


A tea seller had his shop on the same street as the brothel. As he watched the girls come and go through the doors of the brothel, he would see glimpses of Marah. One day, he asked her, “Do you want to leave this life?” She told him yes, and he helped her escape.

With nowhere else to go, she hid in the forest for two weeks. During that time, boys would harass and abuse her. Exhausted and alone, and seeking somewhere she could be safe, she went to the police. The police offered to take her to our safe house. She agreed, but refused to eat, drink, or sleep for fear they might instead take her to another brothel.

Due to her years of abuse and neglect as a victim of trafficking, Marah experienced significant trouble sleeping. She struggled with a constant fear that if she closed her eyes something terrible might happen to her.

However, since arriving at the safe house, Marah has experienced what living in a safe, protected environment is like for the first time since her kidnapping. With the help of the caring staff at the safe house, Marah has transitioned from a life of fear, chaos, and abuse to one of love and security.

In January 2014, Marah accepted Christ as her Savior and experienced a radical change in her life. Now, Marah is full of joy and finally able to sleep through the night. She shares with everyone how Christ literally saved her! She was baptized and shared her story in front of an entire church congregation. Before coming to the safe house, Marah had never stepped foot into a school. In just two short years, she has acquired a primary level of reading and math. She is learning computer skills and sewing, and even teaches sewing to other girls in the program.

Marah continues to work towards healing. Though she has her ups and downs, whenever she feels hopeless she turns to the Lord and finds her Hope in scripture. As she continues in her schooling, the miraculous emotional restoration we are witnessing is a true testament to the power of the Gospel, spoken in a safe, healing environment.

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* Due to the sensitivity of this case, the survivor's actual name and photo have been changed.