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The Feed Their Future campaign raises funds to feed and educate vulnerable children enrolled in Bright Hope’s partners’ school-feeding programs in places like Bolivia, Haiti, India and Zambia. This past summer, we focused on the 1,400 students in the Mathare Valley slum in Nairobi, Kenya. These children are currently enrolled in one of four schools Bright Hope supports through the local church, Mathare Community Outreach. Cleveland Indians All Star pitcher Justin Masterson and his wife Meryl, in partnership with Moody Radio Cleveland, have partnered with Bright Hope to bring Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Eternity to these orphans and vulnerable children and their families.

Thanks to this All Star Team, the inaugural run of the Feed Their Future campaign raised close to $200,000 for the children in the Mathare Valley.

In November, Justin made the trip to the Mathare Valley slum in Nairobi, Kenya to see firsthand the positive effects of the Feed their Future campaign. You can view video recaps from each day he was in Mathare here.

Through this partnership we have been able to accomplish much and we want to THANK YOU, our Bright Hope allies, for helping us do what we believe God has called us to do. Please do us the honor of viewing this video to see your positive impact on the lives of the extreme poor in the Mathare Valley.

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Want to get involved in Feed Their Future? Donate today and help Team Bright Hope feed the future of orphans and vulnerable children in places like Bolivia, Haiti, India and Zambia. Join us now!

Each $100 donation feeds and educates at least one child for an entire year! Each child receives: a meal each day; and an opportunity to attend school by supporting teachers’ salaries, books, teaching materials and sustainability programs for the community. Additional funds will be used to enroll students in school; grant scholarships to older students to attend vocational college; and implement programs for the parents so they can be resourced to earn more than a $1 a day, which creates sustainability within these communities.

Above all, the local, in-country churches in the places Bright Hope supports will see their local church reach the hearts of people living in such desperate ways with the everlasting Hope of Jesus Christ.

Our Partner Justin Masterson

Justin Masterson and his wife Meryl are working with Bright Hope to help raise awareness of the plight of the extreme poor around the world and the positive affect the local church can have on transforming lives in those communities.

"God gives us gifts and we are to use them for His purposes. I’m looking forward to contributing to what God is doing through Bright Hope."
- Justin Masterson

About the Mathare Valley School Feeding Program

Mathare Valley is one of the oldest and largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya. It is estimated that 600,000 people live in one square mile of this slum. For seven years, the School Feeding Program has enabled children living in the Mathare Valley slum to have healthy, bright futures. Through a solid education and two warm meals every day, children on the program have steadily graduated to earn a degree and make a livable wage for themselves – thus breaking the cycle of poverty in their families.

The Mathare Valley School Feeding program is about more than food for today. It is about providing a child an opportunity for a new future. When a child is born into extreme poverty at an early age they are faced with a choice: Go to school or spend their days scavenging and begging for food. By offering them two meals a day while at school, they do not need to choose between their education and eating.

Learn more about Bright Hope’s programs in Mathare Valley.

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