$2 a Day Would Instantly Transform the Life of this Father and His Entire Family

Why Bright Hope

Isaiah 58:10; Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.

Jesus healed people and met needs with Hope; Hope for today, tomorrow and eternity. Now He wants you to join in the action and impact the poorest of the poor (Matthew 25:40). Watch the video below and see how you can join with Jesus to help those in greatest need.




Like you, Maybin is a believer and wants to take care of his family. Only he lives halfway across the world and earns a living as a farmer and fisherman in Mbabala Island, Zambia. He, his wife and four children all attend the local church.

Maybin has a strong work ethic and every day he trusts Jesus to have enough food for his family and resources to send his children to school.

The challenge for Maybin and other families on the island is that the lake they fish in is being over-harvested and not producing as many fish as it did just five years ago.

He and the other fishermen are facing a serious problem because fishing isn’t producing enough food to live on and the soil on the island is not good enough to produce food to sustain his family. Bright Hope has tested the soil and found it is very acidic.

But there's Hope and we need your help.



Maybin’s church and the other churches on the island, have asked for your help. With a single donation, you can help make a long-term difference for these families by equipping them to feed their families and earn reliable income through farming.

“If we could provide one year of fertilizers, then the farmers could grow more corn and make enough to care for their families and buy fertilizer for the next growing season," said the Zambia Program Director, Mark Brubacher.

Our African church partners would like to help farmers jumpstart their sustainable farms.

Here are a few highlights about this program and how you can help:

  • 200 families have been identified by our church partners as needing this help.
  • Our goal is to raise $60 per family ($2 a day this month) for 200 families. The total need is $12,000.
  • This is a one-time assistance and is not creating dependency.
  • By helping provide these fertilizers and soil supplements, we are helping poor families to increase their farming production and rely less on their failing fish businesses.
  • Funds will also be used to help purchase better seeds for families.

Bright Hope has been working in Zambia in partnership with in-country churches since 1992. We bring Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Eternity to the extreme poor. This project is part of Bright Hope’s Hope & Light Campaign.

Your gift will dramatically help these Zambian families and our Hope & Light Campaign to minister to those living on less than $1 a day.

Come partner with us in being the hands and feet of Jesus to bring Hope to these Zambian families.

Help Maybin and 200 Other Families Today

Make a donation of any size, every dollar counts! 100% of donations will go to this project. All administrative costs have been covered by a group of Allies and our Board of Directors. Donors will receive this lovely Prayer Card PDF to print.

Allies who have been to see the work in Zambia say:

"We’ve worked with and supported Bright Hope in Zambia for the past 8 years. We love how they work with and empower the local church as a primary vehicle to improve the standard of living in rural communities. Their work is foundational and transformational."

Doug Cogswell

"Bright Hope’s ministry in Zambia was so inspiring and inspirational. It was moving to me to come alongside the Zambian people and celebrate the amazing things happening. The Lord truly is at work."

Anne Dyer

"When I traveled to Zambia with Bright Hope, I witnessed a community come together with their local church to build a school for their village. Bright Hope inspired these villagers to help the most needy and experience Christ’s love."

Julie Bodel


Trust is the biggest concern with every donation. We work really hard to prove you can trust Bright Hope. For nearly 50 years we have used your contributions the way we promise and we know your gift will result in making great differences in the lives of the extreme poor. Bright Hope has three powerful endorsements to prove our trustworthiness:

About Your Donation

100% of donations will go to this project. All administrative costs have been covered by a group of allies and our Board of Directors. Once this project is fully funded, additional funds will be put into our Most Urgent Needs Fund.

Bright Hope never sells or shares your personal information with any other organization. Phone numbers are only used to thank you for your donation, problems with credit card information or to inform you of project updates, special events and opportunities.