The time is NOW.

For them. For you. For HOPE.

Be a part of the NOW. initiative and reach 50 communities with Hope for Today, Tomorrow, and Eternity.

For many of us, the poverty that is experienced by a large portion of the world is incredibly foreign to us. It’s hard to understand and know what it’s like to go days without a meal, to live in a shelter that is not secure from not only the elements, but also a hostile community. The worst part about poverty may be the lack of opportunity to forge a better life for yourself and your family.

Bright Hope is working to dismantle the grip that poverty has on peoples’ lives and their communities. Specifically, we are reaching into areas where people live on less than $1 day. The NOW. Initiative is the fruit of much prayer, years of experience working with the local, in-country church, and a desperate need to activate a calculated assault on poverty.

In a three-year span we will begin the transformation process in 50 communities around the world. We know this is possible. We know it can happen. We have seen it.

Serving the extreme poor

Bright Hope works through more than 800 local, in-country churches in nine different countries. Whether it is located in an urban slum or isolated rural village, the local church is the most effective tool for waging the war on poverty; however, it is also the most under-utilized asset in this fight. By equipping the local church to meet the needs of its community, these churches become vehicles for bringing Hope.

Hope for Today.

Bright Hope first addresses critical needs that are core to stabilizing a community like food, access to clean water, medical care, and crisis response.

Hope for Tomorrow.

Next we help build a solid economic and educational foundation through microloans, education, agriculture support, and restoring girls caught in the grip of human trafficking.

Hope for Eternity.

Bright Hope works with local leaders, training them to be Biblical leaders and equipping them to be a force for Christ in their communities.

Transforming their lives. Transforming your heart.

Our mutual transformation model is built on the idea that just as you help transform communities in poverty, Christ will transform your heart and your life.

You can make a difference...NOW.

The most under-utilized asset in the assault on poverty needs you. When a church is mobilized to transform its community, lives are changed. Families move from living on less $1 a day, to earning a livable wage and being able to provide for themselves. In turn, they begin to provide for members of their community. The church grows from within and soon the community is transformed as well.

Help Transform a Church

The average to begin the transformation process in a church is $4,000 a year. Can you commit to $300 a month or a one-time gift at the same amount?

Help Transform a Church

Help Transform a Family

It cost approximately $160 a year to help a family experience transformation. That’s $13 a month. How many families can you help transform today?

Help Transform a Family

Stories of Hope and Transformation

Read these and other stories of transformation on our Transformation Blog.

Collins Ochieng first came to the Mathare Valley slum in Nairobi, Kenya in 1991. To survive, he made a living as a cobbler, but he never had a sense of fulfillment. Without a sense of purpose or Hope, he resorted to alcohol and drugs to fill the void. Read more

Pastor Leandro lives in the Pehuenche community located high in the Andes Mountains in the region of Alto Bio Bio in Southern Chile. For Leandro, working as a pastor is a major sacrifice. Read more

Steadfast friends, Emelda and Margret, both know the struggles of living in Zambia. As a widow and mother of five children, Margret never thought she would be able to send her children to school. Read more

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