Friday, May 10, 2013

3 Girls Rescued in Northern India Raids

Northern India — Over the last several weeks, Bright Hope’s Anti-Human Trafficking team in India has been preparing to do raids on brothels where girls under 18 are kept as captives and used as sexual merchandise, some being forced to have sex up to 40 times a day.

As the team and partner organization began investigating different areas in their city in Northern India, they located minors in several brothels. Orchestrating a raid requires all the correct pieces to fall into place: police, timing, legalities, scouting, and trusting the correct people.

One raid could not be executed due to the word getting out. Their pimps subsequently moved the trafficked girls to a new location. Our team persisted and moved to the next location – a village outside their city known for its violence. Most of the girls in this village are trafficked beginning at age 11. The Mafia who owns the girls and the brothels are known for their violence and murdering of people yet our team walked boldly into a brothel where they knew minors were held. The police were helpful and were armed, knowing what they could be up against. Before the team went in, they were reminded that hundreds of people around the world were praying for them through Bright Hope’s Facebook page. This gave them courage and the raid was successful!


The pimp was arrested and two minors, Geeti and Shobha, were rescued. Another girl, Panita, is over 18 years old and asked to be rescued. God protected our team and enabled them to rescue three girls out of this dark place! Additionally, the team received favor as the police allowed the girls to stay the first night at the safe house that our team runs. The counselors and house parents cared for these girls. The next day they were taken to the police station and are there right now under supervision of several police who are supporters of rescuing these girls.

All three girls are safely resting in a government house. Our team is continuing the legal process regarding the pimp who kept these girls captive - and are determined to see the pimp prosecuted.

Thank you for your prayers and gifts to Bright Hope’s Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative. Without your support, miracles like these cannot happen.

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