Wednesday, November 20, 2013

50 Children From Amazon Jungle Now Attending School

Pampa Mercado, Peru – Pampa Mercado is a small village deep in the jungles of Peru. This specific tribe of Ashanikah Indians is well-known for adopting and caring for orphans and abandoned children from other tribes and villages. With so many children living in this community, there became a great need to have a school. Most of the children were walking two-hours one way, up and down a steep hill daily to get to the nearest school, and those who could not make the trip were unable to get an education. Children were often malnourished or sick, typically only eating a snail or worm for breakfast before heading to school.

Bright Hope partnered with a local organization called Segadores to build a school in Pampa Mercado. Today, the school is complete with three classrooms, providing education to more than 50 children in first through sixth grade. The school also includes a feeding program, which provides breakfast for the students and helps to educate parents about the importance of nutrition.