Saturday, August 11, 2012

600 Specialists Attend Medical Seminar

Atalaya, Peru — Partner Manuel Salazar reports that great strides have been made in the past two months through Segadores.

Children are continuing to be supported through the day care facility in the mountainous village of Lambayeque. Also, a medical seminar and workshop was held. During the event, our partners met with approximately 600 specialists to discuss their field of gynecology, dentistry, optometry, and general practice. These practices will help Segadores tend to the medical needs of the local villagers in a more sufficient manner.

To build new relationships and strengthen existing partnerships with the local pastors, Manuel traveled to Atalaya to meet with the leadership of the church.

Manuel said, "God remains faithful to His promises. We believe God has called us to accomplish His purposes in bringing His Word to the places that are so hard to reach with the Gospel."