Thursday, August 01, 2013

Marah Sold at Age Five, Rescued 10 Years Later

Northern India — Marah, now 15-years-old, comes from Muslim background. At the age of five, her family's servant took her, telling her parents he was taking her to school. She was sadly sold to a brothel and was held there for 10 years. In May, Marah bravely escaped with the help of a local tea seller.

Marah had no place to go, so she spent the night in a local train station. While there, a man attempted to rape her. She fled to the local police constable, who protected her. Now in the comfort and protection of the police, she told him about her recent escape from the brothel. He took her to the local child help line, who took her to the child welfare committee.


The chairperson of the child welfare committee contacted our Anti-Human Trafficking partner about Marah (pictured center with a superintendent and representative). The team drove for eight hours to reach her. Marah is now in our Safe House, where she will eventually receive counseling and job training. Ten years of sexual, mental, physical and emotional abuse has left its scar on Marah, but we pray God's hand over her as she begins the path to restoration and Hope.

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