Friday, March 03, 2017

A Message from C.H. Dyer, President/CEO - Spring 2017

Hoffman Estates, Illinois - This is an exciting time to be an Ally of Bright Hope. In just a few days, Bright Hope will launch a new program that will bring light to the darkest places on earth while fostering knowledgeable, connected and blessed contributors to the poor.

I invite you to join me for Radiant: An Online Poverty Course. This three-part course has been created to help tear down the barriers that cause most people to become discouraged in their giving to the poor. Each 8-10 minute video will be released over a two-week period and will challenge you to consider the poor and why and how you should be involved with them.

After years of research and reflection, we believe there are three main roadblocks to engaging the poor: A feeling of being overwhelmed by the magnitude of extreme poverty. Fear in making a wrong move with your generosity; and lack of Trust concerning how a church or organization make decisions using donations they receive.

If you have faced these concerns when giving to charitable causes that help the poor, then I encourage you to register for our Online Poverty Course at

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