Monday, February 21, 2011

Ali Stays in School Determined to Leave Poverty

Northern India — Ali is not your typical 11-year-old. Nothing about his life would be typical for those of us in America.

Ali has faced more challenges than most children and faces them daily. Our local partners in India have known Ali since he was four and have walked with him through many family challenges. Growing up in the poorest area of a crowded town of 2 million means little electricity, dirt floors, and poor quality drinking water. Ali doesn't plead the "poor me" story. He chooses daily to do his homework by candlelight or sit in the extreme heat or cold. Ali knows the value of school and the privilege it is to be able to attend each year.

Ali is now moving into Grade 5, when most boys in a family near desperation for finances would be taken out of school and put to work somewhere. Thanks to the school sponsorship program from Hope for Artisans, and the investment over the years, Ali's family sees his potential and has decided to keep him in school. Ali is incredibly bright and is striving to attend college. This would enable he and his family to someday become self-sustainable.