Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pastor Chanda Embraces His Community

Samfya, Zambia — A good leader should be practical; he must demonstrate what he or she teaches. Pastor Chanda is an example of such a leader.

Pastor Chanda is a loan beneficiary and uses his business to support his family, ministry, and community. He has invested his microloan into farming and is expecting to generate a great sustainable profit this year. One way he serves his community is by selling his vegetables at a cheaper price.

When asked about this Pastor Chanda said, "I keep my prices low so that needy families can afford to buy the vegetables." He also allows needy families to collect the bottom leaves from his cabbage for free. The bottom leaves, while not as desirable as the cabbage head, are still nutritious. While visiting Pastor Chanda's farm, there were at least six people collecting leaves. He is also helping an elderly church member by giving him a garden space and teaching him how to manage vegetables.

We believe that church development will result in community transformation. We see this happening in individuals like Pastor Chanda who is more concerned about the needy in his community than his own profits. If more believers follow Pastor Chanda's example, Samfya will be a community transformed by the love of Christ. We look forward to that day.