Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Curriculum Developed for Samfya Bible School

Samfya, Zambia — Samfya Bible School is in the process of re-developing its curriculum. The new structure will allow the classes to be presented within the context of the rural church and community.

The school is also introducing courses that target the students' practical skills. Many students who return to their villages struggle to support their families and fund their ministry work. The Bible School has also initiated an agriculture training program and demonstration farm. They plan to equip students with other life skills such as tailoring, carpentry, and construction.

Bright Hope's desire to see the local church become the answer to poverty hinges on the strength of the local church. Many of the rural churches are new church plants themselves and lack the leadership and Christian maturity to handle outreach ministries. Samfya Bible School has become a key partner in equipping church leaders and strengthening the rural church.