Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Teacher Sees Abuse, Finds New Home for Vulnerable Student

Nairobi, Kenya — Extreme poverty is a breeding ground for violence and abuse. It's in the midst of this darkness that our partner, Outreach Community Center, shines its light.

Julius, a nine-year-old boy, lost both of his parents on the same day last year and was thrown into the dark slums of Kariobangi outside of Nairobi.

He was sent to live with his uncle who quickly started abusing him. His uncle refused to feed him, and beat him weekly with electrical wire. His teacher at the time noticed the change in his mood, but Julius wouldn't open because he feared more beatings from his uncle.

One day while in class, his wounds began to bleed. His teacher took off Julius's shirt and could not believe the marks on his body. The wounds were all over his back. Some wounds were still fresh with blood. The teacher called the police and took him into custody. They searched for his uncle but he ran away and hasn't been seen since.

With no home and in desperate need of loving care the police contacted Outreach Community Center. They run a children's home and brought Julius to his new home. He has been there for a year and his joy has returned. He is loved and cared for, has been feed, given new clothes and medicine when he needs it. It's this Hope for the oppressed that Bright Hope is proud to be a part of.