Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ally Spotlight: Major League Baseball Wives

Hoffman Estates, Ill. – This past July, four wives of Major League Baseball players stepped out of their comfort zones and traveled with Bright Hope to Kenya and Uganda. They spent a week visiting partner churches, building relationships within the community and learning first-hand about interventions that make lasting change. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with each of them and hear about their experiences. 

Shannon Wright with children and husband, Steven Wright of the Boston Red Sox

BH: What was your first impression of Africa?

Lindsey Barney (Darwin Barney, Toronto Blue Jays Infielder): Being there in person was definitely shocking and heartbreaking but at the same time, the people in the villages were so happy. And to see how happy they were with how little that they had, it just makes you realize that you don’t need everything over here in America. It just changed my perspective forever.

BH: Did you see changes from the last time you were there?

Meryl Masterson (Justin Masterson, MLB All-Star Pitcher): Every time I come there’s been huge improvements and those people feel so proud. They feel so proud to tell us what they’ve been doing. You know, they’re going to college, and they started the business and they’re doing the savings loans. We don’t just give money and then not know where it goes. We give money, or we raise the money and then we go and then we’re able to see, like wow, that did make a huge difference and now they’re starting to be self-sustainable.

BH: What was the difference you saw in Bright Hope?

Shannon Wright (Steven Wright, Boston Red Sox Pitcher): I just love the idea that Bright Hope has and the fact that it’s more than just coming in and meeting people and learning their life and then teaching them about the Lord and leaving. I love that it’s continuing to be partners with them. I feel like Bright Hope comes along and empowers the people, and empowers the things that are already there so that they can be successful for when no one else is. They’re learning how to better themselves and how to empower themselves versus depending on other people.

BH: Did God speak to your heart while in Africa?

Ashley Kimbrel (Craig Kimbrel, Boston Red Sox Pitcher): God really is in control and I feel kind of helpless sometimes. You see so much work to be done. I just want to be obedient in the small part I have in His big story.

At Bright Hope, we are focused on transforming communities in extreme poverty AND making an impact on our Allies (like you!) who are investing in our partners around the world. We call this Mutual Transformation and invite you to become a part of these life-changing relationships and experiences.

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