Friday, April 26, 2013

Anti-Human Trafficking Team Goes Undercover

Northern India — Bright Hope's Anti-Human Trafficking Team was recently tipped off regarding an area where a high amount of sex trafficking was occurring. The investigative team sent in an undercover customer to capture the necessary information to take back to the team for setting up a raid in the near future.

The undercover agent was sent into a house and reported that six minors (estimated to be ages 15-17) were being forced into slavery. He gleaned that the girls were working very quietly as to not set off any suspicion. This area was under careful watch for a number of days by the team.

The team also uncovered information that a local police officer was involved in covering up and allowing the trafficking of 10-15 minors in another house. The suspected age range is 14-17.

More disturbing news was discovered by our team, as they heard news about a father raping his own daughter for six months. The mother of the girl saw it happening and contacted police and took her daughter to the station early the next day. The father was arrested and is now behind bars. The girl has been sent for medical attention and subsequently counseling. Her family is weary of putting her into a hostel that we recommended for her. They are currently keeping her in the arms of the family, but the team will not give up in aiming to bring this girl rehabilitation and Hope. Praise God that she was saved from this unthinkable act!

The team is in constant movement and action when it comes to the epidemic of human trafficking in this area of Northern India. Great strides are being made in bringing Hope, healing, and restoration to rescued victims - and we have great faith that many more young girls will be rescued as a result of our allies' gifts and support.

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