Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bee Keeping in Chile

The Mingako projects are a way for the community to band together and help each other succeed. One of the income generating activities they are working on is bee keeping. 

The project took a little time to get started and had a setback with some initial hives that were not suitable, but has now been in full flow since August. The first batch of honey was harvest in March and April. They collected 70kg from 10 hives. The community is very excited for what they are learning and what could be possible through the honey sales.

This project has benefited from ongoing training from Margarita Cuevas, who has been able to visit and support the project nearly every week since it began. The project sales are divided with 10% going as tithe to the church, 40% being reinvested in the project and 50% being divided among the workers.