Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bright Hope goes 360°!

Oruro, Bolivia — In March, we sent a small camera using the latest 360-degree technology to our field staff in Bolivia. The results were incredible! We think you’ll love watching a Bolivian church service and experiencing worship with our partner church bringing Hope to the extreme poor.

Click and drag or use the direction control (top-left) and explore a worship service in 360-degrees in Filadelfia Norte Church in Oruro, Bolivia. Every Sunday at 9am, the church begins the first of four different services with its primarily indigenous community for a worship service. The service is done in mixture of Spanish, Aymara and Quechua languages, allowing for people to worship in their original dialect, and celebrate their indigenous culture and customs.

Traditional folkloric music is played using original instruments such as the charango and zampoña, while men and women are encouraged to dance and sing along. Shouts from the pulpit to “do a spin for Jesus” or “clap your hands for our Lord and Savior” are common ways for the congregation to celebrate and worship together.

Filadelfia is one of the largest Christian church networks in Bolivia not associated with a specific denomination. There are more than 40 church plants across the country, with the largest church located in Oruro with around 1200 members. Filadelfia Norte was where Pastor Felipe Zeballos first founded the network of churches and it has maintained many of its original members and traditions over the years.

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