Monday, April 18, 2016

#BrighterThan: This Easter, YOU helped save after-school programs in Bolivia!

Bolivia — Last month, we asked you to help us meet a critical need of our church partners in Bolivia: A $38,000 gap in funding for church after-school programs.

Why after-school programs? Extreme poverty in Bolivia’s urban centers fuels unemployment, crime, drug and alcohol use, and hunger. Child abuse and neglect are all too common. Many children end up on the streets and cannot complete school. Church after-school programs provide vulnerable children with hot meals, tutoring and counseling, and an opportunity to experience the love of Jesus. Through these programs, entire families are reached with the light of the Gospel!

The #BrighterThan Campaign helps save church after-school programs in Bolivia from closing their doors.

So far, our generous allies have helped us meet $30,000 of the need, bolstered by a special offer from Christian music artist Meredith Andrews and a generous match by the Clay Buchholz Foundation. We are so grateful to our allies for stepping up to the plate to save these church after-school programs, helping the church in Bolivia continue to shine #BrighterThan the darkness, the poverty, and the hunger.

We still need your support! Click here to donate now.

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