Thursday, October 06, 2011

Children Finish Their School Year Despite Unforseen Circumstances

Northern India — Abha and her husband have five school-aged children. Her husband works as a day laborer doing electrical work for wages below the poverty level. Abha is one of the faithful women who sew at Hope for Artisans. Her story may not sound too unique until you hear about their 13-year-old son who is fighting cancer.

Abha and her husband have sold practically everything they own to pay for their son's treatments located three hours away. Abha and her son travel back and forth constantly for his care. With money so scarce, the five siblings could not write their final exams for the year without paying their exam fees. This would have negated all the hard work they poured out throughout the year. Our partners at Hope for Artisans learned about their situation and were able to take them into the child care program, providing enough for these kids to finish their school year.

That day, our partners prayed with Abha for her children's school needs and were so pleased to share with her that there were funds available for her kids to write their exams. The tears welled up in her weary eyes as they gave thanks to the Lord together for His blessing.