Friday, March 23, 2012

Church-Based Response to Human Trafficking

Northern India — Bright Hope has made significant progress with our in-country, church-based anti-human trafficking program since our last update. We have a three-pronged approach including awareness, rescue and rehabilitation focused in Northern India. Many of the extreme poor in this area are at risk for being lured into human trafficking. 

Awareness will be among both rural and urban churches there. Bright Hope will help pastors, women and church leaders understand the reality of human trafficking, signs to look for a trafficked person, and preventative measures to stop trafficking in their communities.

Rescue means extracting women who want to leave the life and pressuring local authorities to obey local laws and remove under-aged women from brothels. It also involves placing them in safe houses where they cannot be found by those seeking to return them to a life of abuse and destruction.

Rehabilitation will be focused on healing through professional Biblical counseling to regain strength, hope and faith in God and His ability to restore them. Opportunities to earn a livable wage must be given. Through job skills training girls can have well paying jobs as they rebuild their lives.

Our church partners are combining all three of these parts into a final proposal which will be unveiled later in the year. We have committed $5,000 now, another $15,000 in a few months, and to begin raising funds for the three year program.