Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Computer Training Encourages Local Community

Collin Alto, Chile — Bright Hope’s South America interns held basic computer training workshops in the Mapuche Indian community of Collin Alto.

Computers were donated by Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois and refurbished by the Willow Creek Computer Connections team of volunteers. Though these gifts to the community have been there for a while, they haven’t been often utilized due to the lack of knowledge.

Eight to ten members of the church came to the workshop. The agenda included learning how to: turn on/shut down a computer; find, open, and close a program; create and save a document in Microsoft Word; and basic typing.

By the end of the week, all were able to write a short letter in Microsoft Word.


Soledad, a wife and mother of two, was the only woman to attend the workshop. She asked her husband’s permission to miss dinner each night to attend the workshop. Still in her early twenties, Soledad had never used a computer before. By the end of the workshop, she typed a full letter, thanking God for the opportunity to learn and do something all on her own.

Pastor Eleuterio also attended the workshop. He is in his late 50s and has never used a computer. By the end of the class, he was teaching other students that had joined late to catch up in the class. When everyone practiced typing, he would practice typing out verses from the Bible that he had committed to memory.

Abraham was another member of the church that took the class. He made sure to come to every class, and was never late because he said he wanted to set an example for his sons who are in school.

More villagers in the Collin Alto community desired to attend the seminar but were unable due to working in the fields during the peak harvest season. Many members of the church are asking for more training. Bright Hope is encouraged to see this community enthusiastic to learn, grow, and provide for themselves and families.

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