Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Discipleship Program Unites Churches in Zambia

Chishi Island, Zambia – Thirty-eight church leaders recently graduated from the discipleship training program on Chishi Island in Zambia!

When Bright Hope first arrived in the community, initial investigations revealed that the majority of church leaders on the island never had any formal Bible training. Participants were asked how many books of the Bible they had read, and 49 of 50 leaders reported not even completing one book. This was severely hindering the churches’ ability to work together and understand their calling as a church to reach out to their communities.

Church leaders in Zambia are receiving Bible training, some for the first time!

The program succeeded in bringing church leaders together from 12 different churches across 8 denominations, a challenging task in a cultural setting where different denominations tend not to mix. In the training, participants studied foundational biblical truths to lay the groundwork for future ministry and outreach projects.

To expand the impact of the discipleship program, participants were encouraged to form small groups and pass along the lessons they were learning. Rodgers, one of the church leaders in the program, really took to the idea of creating disciples and formed a small group of four members. Soon his group had grown to more than 40 people. Through this replication strategy, Rodgers' training was being multiplied and impacting many other fellow Christians.

“Although I have been a Christian for many years, this was the first time that I truly understood my salvation. My life has now been transformed,” shared one of the participants.

At Bright Hope, we strive to develop individuals as a whole, not only providing for physical and economic needs, but spiritual and emotional needs as well. Building up leaders with a strong biblical foundation equips the church to better transform their communities – today, tomorrow and for eternity.

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