Monday, September 01, 2014

Ebonny Empowered by ABCD Workshop

When facing extreme poverty year after year, it is easy for a person to believe that anything he or she can give is not substantial enough to actually make a difference in the broader community. This is exactly why Bright Hope brought the Asset Based Community-Driven Development program to Apac, Uganda.

Ebonny lives in the village of Apac and found Hope as a recipient of a microloan through Bright Hope’s church partner there, which gave him the opportunity to start his own self-sustaining business. He was so successful with the microloan program that he started mentoring others in his community.

When Bright Hope started the ABCD program in Apac, Ebonny was one of the original participants. In a sense he was already putting the principle of the ABCD program to work by mentoring his family and community on successful farming techniques, but it was through participating in the ABCD program that he saw even greater potential. He left the workshop after those two days with a renewed understanding of his giftings and how to maximize the use of his own abilities to benefit those around him. Ever since, he has intentionally taken on more leadership roles in his community where he both teaches what he knows about farming and empowers others to see what they have to offer.

Through ABCD, the community of Apac has a deeper understanding that every gift is valuable, no matter how big or small. During the particular workshop in which Ebonny participated, another participant remarked, “I have learned how to use the small things to make something large.” Another realized that he actually does have something to contribute, with that revelation leading to a change in his view of self: “God has enlarged my vision. This has made me see that I do not have to despise myself.”

Ebonny continues to support his community, empowering others to see the message that underlies ABCD—that while they might have very little individually, together they have much and are able to make positive and enduring changes in their communities when they combine their talents.

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