Monday, September 01, 2014

Emelda and Margret's Microloans Bear Fruit for the Whole Community

Steadfast friends, Emelda and Margret, both know the struggles of living in Zambia. As a widow and mother of five children, Margret never thought she would be able to send her children to school. Even though she never had a garden, in 2008 she used the microloan she received through our partner, Samfya Community Care Providers, to plant one. With that $10 loan, she started her first garden and was able to feed her family and sell the excess, paying back the loan in full within four months. She received an additional microloan that December and became a farmer, growing a large field of maize that produced 25 bags in the first year. In 2013, she increased the yield to 33 bags.

Emelda is married and has ten children ranging from ages 10 to 36. She has been able to send all 10 of her children to school, largely due to her success in Bright Hope’s microloan program. She began the program with her dear friend, Margret, in 2008 and grew all sorts of vegetables: Chinese cabbage, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. She sold her vegetables to the government in order to provide for her family. In her first year, Emelda grew 18 bags of maize and nearly doubled that amount to 35 bags in 2013.

Now that both women have been able to take care of their children, they feel God’s calling to take care of other vulnerable people in their community. Both women are heavily involved in their church and find great joy in giving their time and money to orphans, the elderly, and the sick. Emelda plans on building a new house and giving her old home to SCCP to house orphans. Margret and Emelda both believe that their hearts for those in need grew because of how the microloan program blessed them. Where they were once weak, they are now strong. Where they were once starving, they are now full of life. And because of this transformation, they are now transforming their community.

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