Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Families in Uganda Move Forward

Apac, Uganda — Every project has its own set of ups and downs. But common to all success is a determination to move forward. We saw evidence of this in Uganda this past year.

Overall, the families involved in the Apac microloan project had a very successful and transformational year. A wide range of businesses were created to jump-start self-sustainability in the region. Families utilized their loans (ranging from $80-$250) and planted crops, raised pigs, sold porridge, and offered medical care. One person even set up an electronics repair company.

The year didn't run without setbacks, however. Out of the nine oxen purchased to help farmers on the program, three succumbed to illness and died. Some families had business ventures that failed due to sickness and death as well.

But the program is moving forward with eager expectation and faith. A special bond has been formed with nine churches in the remote villages of Uganda. Families in desperate need have realized they have the skills and knowledge to lift themselves out of poverty. It is a blessing, and we look forward to the new stories that come out of a new year of possibilities.