Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First Half of JELLY Church-School Delivered and Installed in Beganabe

Beganabe, Haiti — Last week, Bright Hope rejoiced as the first JELLY container was delivered and installed in the rural village of Beganabe, Haiti.

JELLY is Bright Hope’s pilot program currently involving 55 Chicagoland families in connecting and holistically transforming the lives of a village in extreme poverty. JELLY stands for Jesus, Education, Loans, Love, and You.


Beganabe's Christ-followers currently worship in a stick-framed church shaded by ratted tarps, and no school is implemented yet. Since October 2012, the JELLY families raised funds to install a clean water well. The average person walks several miles multiple times a day to carry gallons of water on their head back to their family. This new well is changing the everyday lives of these people.


JELLY's families worked hard from January through March to construct, paint, and turn the inside of the container into three school rooms. It was shipped at the end of March. The container will be used as a preschool in the fall and will function as a workable church-school once the second container completes the building in April 2014. 27 Beganabe families are also receiving microloan training in the next weeks to begin small businesses and help support their families.

Bright Hope's JELLY program is currently gearing up for its second phase in completing this mutual transformation for the people of Beganabe and the involved JELLY families.

Learn more about JELLY and how to become involved.