Wednesday, June 06, 2012

First India Sponsorship Program Students at Top of Class

Uttar Pradesh, India — Uvais and Abuzer were the first children enrolled in our school sponsorship program eight years ago. Now they are bright young men full of promise and hope to enter fifth and sixth grade. They are top of their class and work hard in school. The youngest in a family of 14 kids, these boys and their family know the difference it will make for everyone if they finish twelfth grade and enroll in college.

Their small home is a busy one amidst thousands in the narrow crowded gullies of their city. Only two bedrooms (each the size of the bed) and a sitting area hold the 16 people. Their mornings begin with breakfast and chai, dressing in school uniform - and with heavy school bags, they mount their one bicycle to ride to school together. "There is not a shred of gloom or self-pity. Maybe sleepy eyes. But, their hearts are full of hope, thankfulness and anticipation," said our Partnership Developer in India, James.