Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Resident at Safe House Finds Hope

Northern India — Jyoti began dancing at traditional Indian weddings at the age of 18. With her parents’ death, the responsibility to support her younger siblings living in extreme poverty was overwhelming.

Dancing was the first step in the proverbial slide down a labyrinth of darkened corridors. Propositioned by drunken wedding celebrants, Jyoti considered her options. She willingly, almost innocently, gave herself to a life of prostitution to provide for her family.

However, it wasn’t long until the inviting veil of money was lifted and the evil face of prostitution became reality. Chemical and physical abuse, shame and slavery polluted her life. Jyoti knew she needed to get out.


Jyoti showed up at a Christian church that her aunt attended, crying as she relayed her story. The women counselors wrapped their arms around her and shared the Hope that is found in Jesus. They also shared the good news that a home was available for her to live and receive help until she was safe.

Last month, Jyoti became Bright Hope’s first resident at our safe house in Northern India. It is a secure location away from pimps and family members who could force her back into prostitution. She received Biblical counseling and has entered into a jobs training course. Her dream is to become a beautician. Jyoti is finding redemption, forgiveness, love, acceptance and Hope.