Thursday, March 29, 2012

Homeless Widow Finds Salvation and a Home

Samfya, Zambia — A leader from a Samfya church was told about an elderly lady, Godfridah, who found herself homeless after recent devastating flooding caused her hut to collapse. He found her sitting in front of her dilapidated home reading her Bible. It is unusual to find someone in the village with a Bible, so he asked what she was learning from the Word. Godfridah answered that she was looking for salvation.


The leader found out that all of Godfridah’s grown children have died from the rampant AIDS pandemic in Zambia. Now the sole provider for her grandchildren that live with her, she was not managing to make ends meet. The church leader shared the message of Christ’s love and gift of salvation. The network of churches then decided to build her a new home from a donation they had received, and many people from the Samfya church volunteered their time and energy to bring bricks and sand to start construction. They also received a youth team from Chicago this week to help them with the work.

Godfridah says that she has truly been given a gift of salvation today. "God has saved my soul and my family," she said.