Friday, May 31, 2013

Hope Spotlight: Oscar Tellos, Segadores, Peru

Lima, Peru — Oscar Tellos was 18 years old when he left Lima, Peru to visit his brother in the Amazon Jungle for two months. After arriving, Oscar was robbed and was left with no money or resources to return home. His brother’s abandonment left him stranded in the rainforest to fend for himself. Oscar slowly began to learn to live off the land and he befriended the different native tribes living deep within the jungle.


After a couple of years, a missionary traveled to the area where Oscar was living and taught him about Jesus. Oscar gave his life to Christ after hearing the Good News from him. Inspired and awakened in his new faith in Christ, he spent ten years traveling to tribal villages in Peru, living amongst the people and helping plant churches.

Ten years later Oscar returned to his home in Peru. He was a different man when he arrived, not only because he was a believer in Jesus Christ, but also because living in the Amazon communities and learning their way of life had deeply affected him. This led to a lifelong passion to work with the Peruvian tribes and raise up the local church to transform the lives of the extreme poor in these areas.

Oscar Tellos is currently the President of Bright Hope’s partner project Segadores, and putting all his energy into this ministry to benefit local communities of Peru through the Gospel. He is passionate about bringing the Hope of Christ to them.

“Because God has called us to announce His virtues, He called us out of the darkness and into His admirable light. If we don’t do it, who will? It is for this that God has called me to accomplish His purposes in my life and I am grateful for everything that God is doing. I want to be a blessing to others,” said Oscar.