Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rebecca Quadruples Income

Beracah, Zambia — Rebecca and her husband received a $33 microloan early this year. Determined to support her husband and five children, Rebecca shares her daily routine using her microloan:

$4.80 buys the ingredients to make a day's worth of donuts that she sells at the local market. Each day, Rebecca makes $7, or approximately $15 a week. A bundle of smoked fish costs $22. Rebecca buys one a week and sells it for $32, profiting $10 a week. For $16, she purchases four gallons of dried minnows. With her small mark-up, she sells them for $22, earning $6 a week.

Within two months Rebecca had paid back her loan and qualified for the next loan level of $133. She took half the money and increased her inventory at the market. Her husband used the rest to plant a large maize crop.

Rebecca's family moved from living on less than $1 a day to $4 a day! She is now able to send the children to school, put food on the table, and buy new clothes. Rebecca said she feels proud of her accomplishment. "It was my hard work, not a hand-out, that transformed my family. Thank you," she said.