Friday, August 01, 2014

In Memory of Franz Saravia Quispe, Pastor of La Roca Church

El Alto, Bolivia – On Thursday night, July 31, 2014, Pastor Franz Saravia Quispe went to be with the Lord, after suffering complications from peritonitis.

Just weeks prior to his death, Franz had surgery on his gall bladder and began experiencing pain in his abdomen. He attempted to get admitted to multiple hospitals for testing but no one would admit him. After weeks of the pain growing more severe, he lost consciousness on Wednesday evening, July 30, and was taken to the emergency room where he was then admitted. He had developed peritonitis from the rupture of his appendix, which was causing kidney, liver and lung failure. He died the following night, at 49 years of age, surrounded by friends and family. Franz left behind his wife, 3 daughters and 1 granddaughter.

Franz Saravia was a pastor in the city of El Alto for many years, initially pastoring a church within a specific denomination, and then eventually taking a step of faith to start a church of his own. He was a very humble leader, not always needing to be noticed or affirmed for his work. He worked for God and God alone, and was very secure in God’s love for him.

Franz spent a large portion of his life working with children and investing in the next generation. His church had many different children’s programs throughout the years, and at one point he was providing support to more than 400 children. With his sister, Gloria, his church was in the process of expanding their Sunday school program, not only inviting children from the church congregation but also from the surrounding community.

Franz also worked hard to support and raise up leaders in his church. With his humble, servant-minded heart, he was able to empower youth to grow and lead under his care and guidance. He desired to reach out to other leaders and pastors to help support them, and had recently started a network for pastors to come together and talk about their church and ministries. This became a great place for them to share their struggles, and learn together how to better provide for their congregations and communities.

“Overall I remember Franz as one of the most humble, empowering and service-oriented pastors I have ever known. Franz you will be missed and I salute you for your lifelong loving care in the Kingdom of God. You have left a hole in many of our hearts, but I hope and pray that the seeds of your ministry will continue to grow and give fruit as you so desired and worked towards while alive. May the echo of your life live on in Bolivia.” – Mark Lennox, Partnership Developer of South America, close friend, mentor and pastor to Franz