Friday, January 06, 2012

Women in Jam-Making Project Share Their Stories

Alto Bio Bio, Chile — We received testimonies from two women enrolled in the Mapuche Indian Church Network jam-making project:

Marta Cheuque: "My dream is that eventually we could be able to sell this jam at the local market or the grocery store. Everyone has cooperated together so this project can work and we see how fruitful it has been. I need money to pay for my kid's education, for the bus fee, some books, and more. We need money for all that."

Maria Catripai: "The fruit project has meant a lot to us. I believe God wanted it to be this way. With the project we are able to buy food for our family. Before the project I tried to make jam in my house, but it wouldn't work. Plus I never had enough jars and sugar. We have used the money to upgrade our house and pay for our living expenses."