Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jane, a Single Mother with Hope for Tomorrow

Nairobi, Kenya – “As a single parent in the slum, life has not been a bed of roses as I had imagined, so I have had to be the provider in my house,” shares Jane Adhiambo, a 45 year old widow living in Mathare Valley Slum. Her husband died in 2006, leaving her to raise their three daughters alone.

An average day in Jane’s life starts at five in the morning, rushing to buy cow’s legs for the small business she runs out of her home. From there, she goes to Bright Hope’s local partner, Mathare Community Outreach, where she cleans the offices. Finally, once she’s finished cleaning, she goes back home and spends the rest of the day cooking up the meat from the market to sell to her customers. Jane goes through this exhausting routine every day in order to provide for her girls.

In September of 2014, Jane decided to join one of Bright Hope’s Savings for Life groups in Mathare Valley. Through this program she borrowed loans to expand her business so she can pay school fees for her girls and pay her rent. Her daughters are her first priority and she strives to provide for their education and give them Hope for the future.

From the beginning of her time with the savings group, Jane has been a very active member. She has mobilized friends and neighbors to join the group, and serves as the box keeper. As box keeper, she has the trust of the entire group as she keeps the box that holds everyone’s savings. The group members have been successful in saving their money and, through the loans from the savings program, Jane has been able to expand her business and experience a sense of financial security.

Jane’s financial empowerment is not the only benefit she experiences as part of the group. “Savings for Life is more than just meeting and saving money like other groups; I receive spiritual nourishment every time I attend the weekly meetings. I am encouraged and empowered to even buy more shares to improve my status in the future.”

Savings for Life has empowered Jane and given her Hope for Tomorrow. She feels joy and relief, confident that her daughters will get an education and that her business will grow.

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