Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Junikuins Learn to Approach Confrontation in Christ-Like Way

Pucallpa, Peru — Peruvian ministry partner, Oscar Raúl Tello, spoke of his encounter with the Junikuin people and how he was able to teach how to approach confrontation in a Christ-like manner.

"Three days after arriving in Lima, I received an urgent phone call from a Junikuin brother informing me that an encounter had occurred between some of his people and four nomads that had been stealing bananas from their farm. They asked me to return urgently to their village to teach them more about how to deal wisely with these people. We traveled upriver in three days, traveling from dawn until late at night. We visited and taught in two villages that had met up with the nomads. I spent a week teaching the Word of God to the Christians, instructing them how to treat the nomads in a Christ-like way. I learned that the Junikuin had told the nomads that it was okay if they helped themselves to their bananas, because they wanted to be their friends. However, the nomads did not answer, and walked off with the bunch of bananas that they had reaped. More peaceful face-to-face encounters are expected based on what they have learned from our Christian teachings. The Junikuin want to encourage the nomads to form a village near them so that someone can teach them the Gospel. Pray for the right missionaries to come to work with them," Oscar reported.