Monday, June 11, 2012

"Life is hard here." - A Persecuted Woman's Tragic Ending

Northern India — Will you pray with us for the persecuted women in our world?

Our Partner in India tells us of a heart-wrenching story about a young woman, Ruksana, who poured gasoline all over her body and lit a match to rid herself of the pressures of her life. Ruksana didn't survive.

He told us, "Life is hard here. Women are told what little worth they have is wrapped up in their ability to marry, have babies, and often remain unseen and unheard. I'm privileged to see the work we are doing to provide jobs, training, and education for young girls and young women just like Ruksana in the hopes of transformation one life at a time. But the horror and sadness of this still brings weeping as I write. How our Father must ache to see the millions of women just like Ruksana know that He has already come for them and rescued them. There is a way out – full of life."