Sunday, January 15, 2012

Loan Beneficiaries With 16 Children Pay Back Loans

Kawambwa, Zambia — Sophia Mukonde and her husband were selected as loan beneficiaries through Christian Foundations.

Sophia cares for 16 children in her home. She cares for her own biological children, her late sister’s children, and grandchildren. Seven of these children are attending school, but most of them are below school age. Sophia and her husband used their loans for trading chisense (small fish), tomatoes, and to cultivate maize. She was able to pay back her last loan for maize and still has nine bags of maize, which she will use for household consumption. She trades tomatoes on the side of the road next to her house and uses the profits to purchase clothes and school uniforms for her children. Sophia has even started a savings account. She is very grateful for the assistance she has been given.