Thursday, August 08, 2013

Microloan Begins Path to Hope for Alexande and Escania

Beganabe, Haiti — Millions of children around the world are left without parents in the wake of extreme poverty, illness, and violence. For many families in Beganabe, the reality of life, death, and hunger plague their everyday lives. This is the story of Escania, an orphan from Beganabe, and her brave grandmother, Alexande.

After the devastating earthquake claimed her mother’s life, Escania moved to Beganabe to live with her grandmother and her aunt. Her grandmother, Alexande Ioncia, is a 50-year-old widow who is one of the microloan recipients in Beganabe. She pours all of her strength into providing for her family by purchasing cloth at the market to make pants for the men and women in surrounding communities. Alexande demonstrates great resourcefulness as she also purchases old clothes, alters them and sells them. Her skill of altering clothing has served her family well as it allows her to make additional money for food. Although her severe anemia threatens her health, Alexande models perseverance as she travels on foot to the towns of Hinche, Massiah and Tomassique to sell clothes throughout the week.

Although she works diligently through all hours of the day, Alexande and her family remain trapped in extreme poverty. Alexande’s income of about 250 Haitian dollars (6 U.S. dollars) per month only allows her family to eat once per day — consisting of rice, beans, and kush kush.

To make it through the day, each family member directs their efforts toward time-consuming and backbreaking labor. Escania’s aunt Emanuela spends two to three hours every day collecting water. In addition, Escania and Emanuela work collecting fuel for cooking each day. Their moderate health has permitted them to attend school every day this past year, which is a 1-hour walk from home. All three family members are actively involved in their church, and they have all been baptized. Their individual relationships with God have provided them with Hope to continue fighting for life each day. Escania, Alexande, and Emanuela strive to provide, protect and love each other as they make it from one day to the next.

Through partnerships with Bright Hope and the local, in-country church, Escania and her family received a microloan, education and clean water. These necessities will change their lives as they build towards the future, and as Hope is revealed in their lives.

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