Sunday, February 20, 2011

Catherin Praises God for Microloan After Earthquake

Pignon, Haiti — We recently interviewed Catherin Occelien, who received a microloan after the earthquake. Here is her story:

"After the earthquake, I thought I was going to be a beggar on the street. When I first came to Pignon, I had no clothes, my husband had lost his job and I was left to care for our small child. I felt like there was no hope. But now I feel like life is normal. I don't have to beg on the street. I still have some needs but at least I can eat. I don't have to beg for food. With the counseling center and the loan I have a normal life. It has been such a blessing to my family.

I pray that God would bless [the families who funded my loan]. I know the loan is not only from them but also from God. It was not something they could have done by themselves. It has to be from God. And I know they have their own problems so I pray that God would bless them. And if they would live 80 years I pray that they would live 100 years. Even though some people still don't pay their loans, I pray they wouldn't be discouraged. I pray that they would have patience. I want to thank them for their sacrifice. Their blessing isn't coming from people repaying their loan but from God."