Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Microloan Recipients Seeing Business Grow

Pignon, Haiti — Many of the recipients on the microloan program have received and successfully paid back six loans and have recently received a seventh. The impact to these individuals and their community is notable. Two families on the program have seen growth in their lives.

Jean Paulnie is married with five children. Jean is an active member of her church and volunteers by cleaning. Jean used her microloan funds for a business selling charcoal. She told us that “the loan helps my business grow little by little and it helps me to pay for my children’s school.” Jean uses the profits she earns from her business to purchase animals that further help support her family’s needs.

Another family benefiting from the microloan program is the Desforges Family. Roland Desforges is married with six children. The children range in age from two-years to 20-years-old. Roland is very active in his church and is currently serving as the church secretary. Through the microloan program Roland has been able to build up his business of buying and re-selling animals. Each loan allows him to buy more animals and earn more profit, which he then uses to provide food for his family and expand his business. Being part of the microloan program has provided Roland and his family an opportunity for income that they would otherwise not have.