Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Missing Child Trafficked for 12 Years Located and Rescued

Northern India — Leaders from our Anti-Human Trafficking Team in Northern India were approached by a young man several months ago, pleading for help for his sister who had been missing for 12 years.

Rasul was the brother of the missing girl, Hasina. He approached our team after countless efforts of being turned down and ignored by local police. Rasul had learned his sister's location after a captured and tortured young boy escaped from the same traffickers - and told him that his sister was still alive in captivity. Hasina had pleaded with the escaped boy to find her family and tell them of her whereabouts.

Hasina had been captured at the innocent age of eight-years-old and sold to a trafficker who forced her into sex slavery, only allowing her one meal a day.

Plans were set into place to rescue Hasina. She was instructed to escape to the rooftop of the building where our team was awaiting her. They escorted her into their vehicle and transported her to safety.

When Hasina was rescued, she was found in poor health and mental condition. She was full of intense fear and it was clear that she had lost her self identity. She is now staying with her brother and is undergoing counseling once a week with our dedicated rehabilitation team.

When police raided the house where she was enslaved, no one was found. It is believed that Hasina's captors fled after realizing two of their slaves had escaped. But an application against her trafficker has been filed, and investigation is currently in process.

Please pray for Hasina's physical and mental restoration. This young woman began performing unspeakable acts at the age of eight - and is now trying to find herself as a 20-year-old. Twelve years of captivity means long-term rehabilitation. Praise God that she was rescued and has the capability to find her Hope and identity in Christ.

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