Saturday, October 08, 2011

New Feeding Center Feeds Stomachs and Minds

Santiago, Chile — A feeding center was built next to the church building this past February. It officially opened in May, when twelve adults attended and received a hot meal. They were homeless and struggled with alcoholism.

Two days later, the center was again opened to give a hot lunch to 30 children, who had been invited by members of the church due to their families' difficult economic circumstances. Approximately 25 of the initial 30 children were not part of the church, and the only meals that many ate on a regular basis were provided by the schools during the week.

After the inauguration of the feeding center in May, the adults continued to come every Thursday evening, while the children met every week on Saturday. A team from the church committed to running the center, which involved the planning and buying of all food and equipment, preparation of meals, and spending time with those attending each week. Scriptures and a time of prayer are an integral part of the weekly events.

The center has also been used throughout the year for youth and prayer meetings. The center also contains donated computers which are used by local young people for homework. There are plans to expand the program soon.