Monday, July 27, 2015

Orphan to Family Initiative – Seeing the Vulnerable in Uganda

Jinja, Mukono, and Luwero, Uganda – In January, Bright Hope launched the Orphan to Family Initiative, a program that empowers the local church to support vulnerable families and their children. From January until June, over 60 church leaders from Jinja, Mukono, and Luwero participated in training that focused on what causes children to become vulnerable, how the Bible calls the church to care for the vulnerable, and the best practices for how to care for orphans and vulnerable children.  

During one of the training sessions, church leaders were asked to share what they learned from the training and how they used what they learned in their own communities. One couple came forward and shared that when they first came to this training, they had expected and hoped to find a donor to fund their church. However, once the training began, they realized their church already had the resources they needed to start caring for orphans and vulnerable children in their community.

In the course of a month, the couple went to their church and met with the other church members to see what they could give. Together, the church managed to collect enough money to help support two vulnerable children in their church, in addition to the two they had already planned to support. With each member giving a little money, they were able to buy schoolbooks and pens, and even contribute towards the children’s school fees.

As the couple explained this to the others during the training session, they thanked Bright Hope for “encouraging them to look within their church in order to find what they needed to support the vulnerable in their community.” Since then, many of the church leaders who participated in the training now see God’s love for orphans and are using what they’ve learned to reach the most vulnerable in their churches and communities.