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Santiago Gang Members Finding Hope in Feeding Program

Santiago Gang Members Finding Hope in Feeding Program

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Peñalolen, Chile – Fuente de Vida, a partner program of Bright Hope, is located in a community notorious for high rates of child abandonment, teen pregnancy, drugs, crime and homelessness. Every Thursday night, a team from the local church comes together to cook hot, nutritious meals for homeless adults in their community. Esteban, who leads the feeding program for Fuente de Vida, has invested his time and energy in getting to know the homeless in his community and will often visit nearby slums to drop off food and supplies.  

Bethesda Children's Program Fully Funded for 2013

Bethesda Children's Program Fully Funded for 2013

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

El Alto, Bolivia – In 2012, Bethesda found out that the funding for their children’s program was ending in June 2013. Bethesda found themselves in a difficult situation.  

Eight Girls Rescued from Culturally-Enforced Trafficking

Eight Girls Rescued from Culturally-Enforced Trafficking

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Northern India – Eight minors were recently rescued out of captivity from a small clan in India. The majority of these young girls were sold by their parents into trafficking on the streets for money.  

Indian Government Addresses Human Trafficking

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Northern India — The central government in India is taking significant steps to address the issue of human trafficking in their country. From 2008 to 2009, the government allocated a special budget to the Ministry of Home Affairs to create 297 anti-human trafficking units across the nation with the purpose of training and sensitizing law enforcement officials to begin seeing trafficked girls as victims, not willing participants. These units were trained to act in the best interest of the victim in order to prevent secondary victimization or re-victimization of those being rescued.  

Satya Free, Captors Imprisoned

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Northern India — In November 2011, 23 year old Satya was walking home from her college class in fashion design. She was quickly approached by a man who said that her father was gravely injured in an accident and that she needed to come with him to the hospital immediately. Bengali Dada was a witch doctor and had once treated Satya's relative. 

Hope Spotlight: Pastor Jacques Francois, Haiti

Monday, August 19, 2013

Haut Savanette, Haiti — In 2011, Pastor Jacques Francois took over as the leader of the Haut Savanette church-school in rural Haiti.  

Microloan Begins Path to Hope for Alexande and Escania

Microloan Begins Path to Hope for Alexande and Escania

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Beganabe, Haiti — Millions of children around the world are left without parents in the wake of extreme poverty, illness, and violence. For many families in Beganabe, the reality of life, death, and hunger plague their everyday lives. This is the story of Escania, an orphan from Beganabe, and her brave grandmother, Alexande.  

Marah Sold at Age Five, Rescued 10 Years Later

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Northern India — Marah, now 15-years-old, comes from Muslim background. At the age of five, her family's servant took her, telling her parents he was taking her to school. She was sadly sold to a brothel and was held there for 10 years. In May, Marah bravely escaped with the help of a local tea seller.

Microloans in Haut Savanette See Success

Microloans in Haut Savanette See Success

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Haut Savanette, Haiti —The microloan program in Haut Savanette was reestablished in 2011 after Pastor Francois took over as leader. Five participants recently completed their $100 level loan and are ready for an increase. These five church members work as a group and each is only eligible for the next six month loan when all group members have repaid their own loan.

Patrick has been a church member since 2011 and a microloan participant since 2012. Patrick uses his loan to keep a full inventory for his two trades. He buys chickens in Pignon, and after fattening them up on water, bugs and corn, he takes them to St. Raphael and resells them. In order to make the chicken trade worthwhile, his goal is to sell about twelve chickens weekly. On his trips to St. Raphael, he takes charcoal he either makes or buys local in Savanette to sell in Cap Haitian. Patrick makes the trip to Cap two times a month, and tries to align the trip with his travel to St. Raphael to save on travel cost. Both of these small businesses help him to take care of his seven family members.


Silnise, 27, is one of the original loan participants and been a church member since 2011. In order to help provide for the ten family members she lives with, Silnise sells gasoline along the main road in Savanette. She travels to Cap Haitian about two times each month to purchase gasoline. She carries them herself into town and stocks up her stand by the road. She can sell up to three gallons of gasoline per day, but many days she sells nothing. As with many small businesses in rural Haiti, travel costs eat up much of the profit to be made, and Silnise pays about $10 round trip each time she travels to Cap Haitian.

The repayment activity for this group at Haut Savanette consistently maintains their repayments above the program’s average of 92%. The program is at a point where expansion is appropriate. Ten individuals waiting to participate in the program, starting at the base level amount. But additional capital is needed to allow both of these increases.

Pastor Francois is optimistic about the microloan program expanding and flourishing in time. He has high hopes for his church and congregation and putting them on the path towards self-sustainability.

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A School and Well Bring Transformation in Haut Savanette

A School and Well Bring Transformation in Haut Savanette

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Haut Savanette, Haiti — This past year marked some great new achievements and positively affected hundreds in the surrounding community of Haut Savanette. Much of this is attributed to Pastor Jacques Francois, who took over the pastoral role at the church and the leadership duties for the school two years ago.  

11-Year Old Trinta Back in School

11-Year Old Trinta Back in School

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nairobi, Kenya — Trinta is a joyful 11-year-old from the Mathare Valley slum in Kenya. She grew up never knowing her father because he died seven months after she was born. Trinta’s mother, Margaret, was young, inexperienced and unable to take care of her only child due to lack of education and financial support.  

First Half of JELLY Church-School Delivered and Installed in Beganabe

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beganabe, Haiti — Last week, Bright Hope rejoiced as the first JELLY container was delivered and installed in the rural village of Beganabe, Haiti.