Friday, September 04, 2015

Pedro Finds God in a Potato Field

Santiago, Chile — Pedro lives in an indigenous Mapuche community high in the Andes Mountains of southern Chile. A short growing season and poor soil have led to increasing scarcity of food and declining nutrition. Like many Mapuche, Pedro was struggling to survive. There was barely enough income to put food on the table, and rarely any left over.

Pedro’s life became more complicated as his wife became ill. The family’s meager income left no margin for medical treatment and the nearest hospital was more than 150 miles away. The situation appeared hopeless.

That is until an unexpected opportunity presented itself. Two men from a church partnering with Bright Hope approached Pedro and asked him to join them to plant a potato field. Pedro quickly agreed to work with them and share the harvest.

Their first harvest was a huge success and at the end of the season, each family harvested 60 sacks of potatoes. 40 of these were stored as food for the winter, and the remaining 20 were sold, providing income to meet other needs.

The surplus income allowed Pedro to travel to the distant hospital with his wife and get the necessary treatment for her illness. With proper medication she was soon completely healed!

As Pedro worked with the two men from the local church, he was amazed at how caring and concerned they were, especially for his wife. Regularly, the two believers visited Pedro’s home, providing help and praying for his wife’s healing.

After his wife’s recovery, Pedro visited the church to learn why these people he hardly knew were so kind. Months later, Pedro and his wife accepted Christ, becoming committed followers of the Lord.

Something as simple as planting a potato field completely transformed Pedro’s life and his view of the church. Today Pedro and his wife are active members in their church and are excited to continue their involvement in the potato harvest next season.