Thursday, December 08, 2016

Pray for the Field

Prayer requests from our partners around the world.

Bolivia — Janette and Silvia are cousins in the after-school program for vulnerable children at Hosanna church in Oruro. Their prayer request is for their fathers, as they work in the mines where it is very dangerous and they sometimes do not see them for months at a time.



Haiti — Monica was a victim of severe flooding in Ferrier. More than a foot of water raced through her home, ruining most of her belongings and killing 2 of her goats. Monica’s husband is a rice farmer but the rains have wiped out this season’s entire livelihood. Their prayer request is for protection and recovery after the floods.



Kenya — Maxwell is a student and beneficiary of a school feeding program in the Mathare Valley slum. Without the meals provided, Maxwell would have had to drop out of school. His prayer request is that he would do well on his exams and get into a good high school so he can study electrical engineering.



Uganda — Ida cares for her 8 grandchildren and has taken in 3 orphans, however she has arthritis to the point she can barely use her hands. Her prayer request is for pain relief from her arthritis and that she will live long enough to care for the children until they’re grown.



Zambia — Charles was only 6-months old when his mother died. His grandmother, Agnes took him in, but unable to provide milk for him, she enrolled in the milk formula program through her local church. Agnes’s prayer for Charles is that the formula will help him return to a normal weight so he can grow healthy and strong.



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