Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Marta's Testimony: "It Is Evident That This Benefits Us All"

Alto Bio Bio, Chile — Marta Cheuque told us in her own words how the microloan program in the Mapuche Indian Network has impacted her life.

"The group means everything to me. One can forget their problems they have at home and get out of the routine of every day when sharing with the other sisters and neighbors. At first, we would see each other frequently, but we would never try to really know the other person. However, currently this place has become a safe place, where everyone can share who they are, and forget about their sorrows.

It is also a tremendous blessing that the Word of the Lord is being shared with our neighbors who don't go to church in a way that they appreciate.

The money I've received in return for my products has been very helpful. I was able to buy my daughter a pair of sneakers (something I hadn't been able to do until now), and I have bought things for myself, (shampoo and a couple of body lotions). Before the workshop started, if I wanted to buy something for myself, I had to ask for money from my husband, Cayulao.

It has become my dream to see this workshop grow and continue, so that when our services are required, we may do our jobs with excellence and efficiency. I dream that we can keep growing and learning, because it is evident that this benefits us all."