Sunday, January 08, 2012

Beracah Seeing High Loan Re-Payment Rates

Beracah, Zambia — At the close of 2011, the programs at Beracah were thriving. The microloan program invited 51 families to join the program with 48 loan recipients paying back their first loan on time.

The 48 families with on-time payback have gone on to receive a second loan early this year.

Within the education and orphan support program, eight of the children are taking the grade 12 exams and will be graduating from the program. There are an additional 30 students enrolled in high school, 67 students in middle school, 92 in basic school, and 11 infants who are not yet enrolled. Currently, Beracah has 200 children being supported by the education and orphan support program.

Overall, Bright Hope is very encouraged by the progress that Beracah is making and the way they are able to assess their own progress and make changes. The impact on church development has been excellent. Children are graduating from the orphan program, and despite having a few people who defaulted on their loans, the microloan program is doing exactly what it was designed for: raising families out of poverty and enabling them to stand and grow independently. Next year will mark the first time families will be graduating off of the program, bringing Hope to the rest of the participating families for what is possible.