Thursday, July 12, 2018

Q&A with Board Member, Julie Montgomery

What prompted you to be a board member with Bright Hope?
I have had the opportunity to travel across the world with Bright Hope as their lead photographer the past 6 years. When the opportunity presented itself to be involved away from the lens too, I was excited to step into a different role. I believe in the work of Bright Hope, and am excited to be walking alongside them in a new way.

What excites you about the work Bright Hope is doing?
I love how Bright Hope partners with the local church, listens to their specific needs and helps bring sustainable holistic opportunities and programs to the poorest areas on the globe. Hope for today, tomorrow, and eternity.

Why are you passionate about lifting the extreme poor out of poverty?
To those whom have been given much... much is expected. The Lord calls us to help. I have found overwhelming joy and purpose working with the extreme poor. The opportunity awaits for anyone interested in joining our mission.

Julie Montgomery is a wife, mom to three, entrepreneur, and photographer. She has traveled around the world, passionately sharing stories of heartache and hope, hoping her work will inspire others to join in her missions. She loves to be outdoors and is always searching for the next adventure.