Friday, September 17, 2010

Refugee Students Ready for Life in America

Nairobi, Kenya — Four refugee students that Bright Hope is supporting recently resettled to America. We are confident that the education they received in Kenya's private schools has been a great blessing in preparing them for a new life.

Thanks to their English teachers, these children have already cleared the language hurdle, one of the biggest challenges to their adjustment.

According to Dotun Modupe, Bright Hope Partnership Developer in Kenya, the program is aimed beyond textbooks and simply putting children in classrooms. "We take it upon ourselves to visit them regularly in school and to sit with their parents and teachers to check on how they are doing. Together we work out ways to help the children improve their performance in class. We also encourage them to attend a weekend Bible fellowship because our desire is to meet their spiritual needs as well. Book learning may lead them to a bright future, but 'Bookkeeping' (keeping God's Word) will lead them to The Bright Hope Himself."